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Your bus seat can tell a lot about you

DNA, 7th jan 2009, 15th page

Your bus seat can tell a lot about you

London: A person's seat preference on a double-decker bus may reveal his/her personality, say researchers।Dr Tom Fawcett of Salford University says that forward-minded people tend to sit at the front of the top deck, the independent-minded in the middle, and those with a rebellious streak at the rear। He made these inferences after observing people on hour-long bus trips between Bolton and Manchester। "With something as habitual as getting on a bus people may find it surprising that their choice of seat can actually reveal aspects of their personality," the Telegraph quoted him as saying।Bus passengers fell into seven distinct groups। While those at the front on the top deck are generally forward thinkers, passengers at the back are rebellious types who do not like their personal space being invaded। He said that independent thinkers especially younger to middle-aged passengers more likely to read a newspaper or listen to a personal music player would sit in the middle।The researcher further said that on the bottom deck at the front tend to be gregarious meeters-and-greeters, while those in the middle are "strong communicators"।Travellers who automatically head for the rear downstairs were risk-takers who like to sit on elevated seats because it would make them feel important, he said। Fawcett described the last group as chameleons, those who did not care where they sat because they felt they could fit in anywhere। "It the study was carried out as an observational survey - we noted people''s body language and whether there was any interaction with other passengers, if they were sociable or withdrawn or even anti-social," he said। ANICopyright Permission

Under what classification this bus seat will come and how will define their personality?....:)

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Publication:Times Of India Mumbai; Date:Dec 10, 2008; Section:International;
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